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What is it?

The Check-in Wizard is a self-serve "childrens check-in" kiosk ArenaChMS module used to by parents to check-in their kids into Sunday school. It is a collaborative project written in C# by several churches for use with ArenaChMS (

This custom module is co-developed by the Webologists at Central Christian Church ( and the dev team at High Desert Church (

This module uses the underlying Arena check-in framework (Attendance Types, Occurrences, etc.) and some custom code that provides extended attributes for Attendance Types. Note: This is the live, production Children's check-in system at Central Christian Church


  • 100% web browser based! (even works in Safari on a mac)
  • check-in multiple people at once
  • check-in to multiple services at once
  • check-in "related" people via any Arena relationship types you choose
  • check-in by ability level (infant, crawler, walker, etc.) or "special needs" flag
  • able to require membership (via linked Arena tag) in order to check-in to a class
  • 100% skinnable via your own stylesheet
  • printed labels extendable via built in provider model usage or via your changes directly to the source code


Download the .zip package, unzip it and read the README.txt and Admin Guide or Developer Guide for more information.

Road Map

  • additional IPrintLabel providers (Reporting Service labels, printing at kiosk vs location, etc.)
  • fingerprint scanning
  • create installer
  • create additional skins to choose from
  • create an organized place for the user/admin-community to:
    • upload skins, providers, etc.
  • adjust some of the client side code to enhance the UX for mac kiosks
  • create a kiosk registraion Arena module to eliminate the need to run the standard Arena Check-in application


IMPORTANT NOTE: Version 1.4.x is NOT compatible with Arena version 2012.X nor is it compatible with Arena 2011.2

ArenaChMS v2008.3
SQL Server 2005 or SQL Server 2008

Additional information on starting a new project is available here: Project Startup Guide.

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