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Minor Release v1.2.1

Jan 20, 2010 at 9:25 PM

I realize the 1.2.0 release hasn't been packaged yet (my fault), but we're planning a very minor release (v1.2.1) which will include the following:

  • Move the print provider configuration to a Module setting (away from the org setting that it currently is).  This will allow us to configure one module instance on one page for our Children's ministry and another instance on a different page for our Student ministry.  (Yes, we're moving our Student Ministries off the built-in Arena check-in system over to ours -- w00t!)
    • This change will effect the TestLabel module too -- which I will make a module setting and allow the user to override/choose which print provider to test.
  • New org setting "Cccev.DisplayRoomNameOnNameTag" to control if room/location name is printed on the Nametag handled by the CccevPrintLabel/CheckinLabel provider.
  • Namespace cleanup (FrameworkUtils).  This is just house keeping stuff.
  • Other misc re-factoring.

Does anyone else have anything they want in this minor (patch) release?

BTW - We've been using the 1.2.0 release for a few months and definitely consider it stable.  I'll finish the packaging and release it in the next week or so.