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Patch set for timer, family registration, other minor fixes


This patch set provides the following changes:
1) If the autoConfirmCancel option is turned off, the init screen will never refresh so the app will never realize occurrences now exist for check-in. I also noticed that when advancing forward through the screens the timers would seem to duplicate (by the fourth screen, for timers were firing every second) so I clear out the old timers each time just to be sure.
2) Provide hot-key support to activate the "Family Registration" page. Currently this is coded to be CTRL+SHIFT+R. I would love to expand all this to also include a hot-key to configure a new kiosk out of the box, or make changes quickly on the fly ala the Arena style.
3) Moved dgFamilyMembers margin-top style into a css class and updated margin to be 25px instead of 50px. (NOTE: this may adversely affect IE users)
4) Removed CSS reference to invalid 'e' html tag.
5) Changed CSS image references to be CSS path relative instead of absolute, this was preventing us from using instead of Also changed a few module setting default values for the same reason.
6) TestLabel.ascx did not work anymore with the recent change to the Print method. I don't know if my fix will truly work, but it seems to so far.
7) Adults who have a graduation year were showing up in check-in, now only consider a grade valid if it is really valid (not -1).
8) CccevPrintLabel now prints to kiosk printer if location printer name is "[Kiosk]".
9) CccevPrintLabel now sets (new) RoomName property in CheckinLabel.
10) CheckinLabel has various changes, some useful to everybody else most not. RoomName is probably useful to others. Added new RoomName property which is printed on the nametag label in the upper left corner.
You may or may not want to include #9 and #10. Be aware that if you include both the room name will start to appear on your nametags too. I would love to get the property in trunk as I hope to be able to just subclass your CheckinLabel as a starting point.

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nairdo wrote Jul 15, 2009 at 8:43 PM

Daniel, thanks! Looks like great stuff. I'll be reviewing in detail and will contact you with any questions I might have. I'll be incorporating most (if not all) in the next release along with Jason's changes described here:

cabal95 wrote Jul 17, 2009 at 6:39 PM

I can't be certain, but #7 may be causing an intermittent bug I am seeing. Very randomly, when I enter a phone number and then select a family, instead of getting the family members screen I get an exception about a null reference. I was getting this when designing #7 but it always went away on a refresh so I figured it was just some cache issue. Today I got it again, and same thing. Go back to the home screen, hit refresh, try the same phone number and everything is fine. I have tried to replicate it with other "random" phone numbers that I have not used yet and cannot seem to reliably get it to happen.

If I can manage to get it to happen consistently I will report back with what I find. I will note, maybe you guys have a better idea, it seemed like no matter what changes I made to that function I got the exception. Even if I just commented out the grade check block, which is why I thought it was just some odd cache issue because it made no sense.

cabal95 wrote Jul 17, 2009 at 6:41 PM


Exception: [1019] Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Date: 7/17/2009 10:20:06 AM
Type: System.NullReferenceException
Source: App_Web_dmdbqonp
Arena Version: 2008.3.100.36613

Database Version: 2008.3.100.36613

StackTrace: at ArenaWeb.UserControls.Custom.Cccev.Checkin.CheckInWizard.ShowSelectFamilyMember()
at ArenaWeb.UserControls.Custom.Cccev.Checkin.CheckInWizard.ShowView()
at ArenaWeb.UserControls.Custom.Cccev.Checkin.CheckInWizard.GoToSelectFamilyMember(Int32 familyID)
at System.Web.UI.WebControls.BaseDataList.OnSelectedIndexChanged(EventArgs e)
at System.Web.UI.WebControls.DataList.OnBubbleEvent(Object source, EventArgs e)
at System.Web.UI.Control.RaiseBubbleEvent(Object source, EventArgs args)
at System.Web.UI.WebControls.DataListItem.OnBubbleEvent(Object source, EventArgs e)
at System.Web.UI.Control.RaiseBubbleEvent(Object source, EventArgs args)
at System.Web.UI.Page.RaisePostBackEvent(IPostBackEventHandler sourceControl, String eventArgument)
at System.Web.UI.Page.ProcessRequestMain(Boolean includeStagesBeforeAsyncPoint, Boolean includeStagesAfterAsyncPoint)

cabal95 wrote Jul 21, 2009 at 6:18 PM

We got through this last weekend (just our Seven service again) using these changes without issue. 128 kids and not a single exception like I was getting for #7 so I have no idea if it was a legitimate exception or not.

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