Adding a Promotions Screen


While talking about a way to display a public notice about not brining their kids if they are sick it settled on an idea that we think would be a good addition as a 1.3.0 release.
What we are thinking is this, modifying the "all done" screen that currently shows the print status (and has the "Finish" button on it). The change would be this: If any error occurs then the current screen is displayed to show the error. If no error occurs and there is a promotion that is ready to be displayed then display it. If no promotion is available and no error, then display the current screen showing all is well.
Promotions would work this way (it would be great if the existing promotions system could be used, but I don't know enough about it): Each promotion would have a priority and a frequency (how often or show only once). The promotions would be traversed in order of priority looking for the first promotion to display. If a promotion is active, and either has never been displayed or is ready to be displayed again (frequency >= last time displayed), pick that promotion to display on the screen. Generally this would be a graphic, maybe a quicktime file, etc. (flash would be nice too).
The overview of what people would see is this. Say once every 8 weeks they would see a notice about not bringing their kids to church if they are sick. Once a month they would see a notice about the fifth weekend a month "bring your friend" event we do. When summer gets closer they would see every week (unless another item with higher priority comes up) a notice about VBS. If we are filming or taking pictures that weekend they would see, no matter what, a notice telling them we are filming and to keep their child with them if they don't want their child filmed. After the promotion is displayed a record is stored with the family (maybe head of family as a person attribute) to save the date the promotion was displayed.
What are the thoughts on this? I could also see the usefulness of a "kiosk id" so some publications only show up on some kiosks (we don't need to show the notice about sick kids when parents check themselves in to a class during service).